Friday, August 19, 2011

Brno & Znojmo to host U18 World Championship

The IIHF is reporting on its website that the 2012 U18 Men's World Championship will be held in the Brno and Znojmo, Czech Republic. The tournament will run from April 12 to 22.

Brno's Hala Rondo will host the final of the 2012 IIHF U18 World
Championship. Photo:
The tournament was originally scheduled to be held in Switzerland, but they backed out in May due to a lack of willing host cities. On June 8, it was announced that the Czech Republic would step in to host the tournament, but the host cities were still unkown. Though it wasn't expected to be announced until next week's  IIHF meeting in Istanbul, we know know that the two South Moravian cities which are 70 kilometres apart will host.

Brno's 7,200-seat Hala Rondo will be the primary venue. It will probably host Group A, which includes Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and the USA, as well as the medal round. Znojmo's 5,500-seat Hostan Arena will probably host Group B, which includes Germany, Latvia, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.

A couple of other Moravian cities, Zlín and Přerov, will host the U18 Women's World Championship. That tournament starts December 31 and runs to January 7.

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